You don’t have to look very hard to find media art these days. From seven second Snapchat videos to massive multiplayer online role-playing videogames that have accrued literally billions of hours of gameplay, the 21st century world is inescapably drenched in it. Like our advances in science, our media is constantly evolving due to new technological discoveries and artists breaking fresh ground. And perhaps, like science, it is helping us understand our world a little better.

As we explore this vast canon of art with open eyes, an open heart, and an engaged intellect, we hope that the narratives we engage with will not only entertain, but that they may inform and edify as well.

We present for you Aperture’s blog. This blog will be dedicated to supplying you with weekly explorations into the world of Media Arts. Without further ado, strap in tight, prime the hyper-drive, and prepare to see the, good, the bad, and the transcendent in your everyday media.