Aperture Media Journal is an annual online journal for media arts. Submissions are open to all current students at Brigham Young University, both graduate and undergraduate. Aperture seeks to showcase inter-departmental student scholarship in critical studies of media and ignite discourse and fellowship within the community. Aperture’s editorial board comprises students from many disciplines at BYU under the supervision and sponsorship of an advisory board of Media Arts faculty.


Editorial Board:

Jenna Woolley

Project Manager
Sophie Graham


Fleur Van Woerkom


Leading Editor

Emily Colton

Supporting Editors

AJ Migorance

Morgan Beus

Marissa Lundeen

New Media:

Leading Editor

Cheyanna Elton

Supporting Editors

Anna Lo Russo

Calvin Cummings

Mammie Tonnies


Leading Editor

Joseph Seamons

Supporting Editors

Meg Farnsworth

Gigi Knapp

Special thanks to BYU TMA & SFA for support.

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