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Triforce of the gods: a sacred realm of new media

by Barrett Burgin

This essay explores the ways that the “Legend of Zelda” series has purposefully capitalized on religion. The essay demonstrates how the series accessed religion, how religion developed organically within it, and how the series centered around it, and the implications this has for religion and ritual surrounding new media. The suggestion is made that religion has actually played a vital role in the success of the series, providing both a familiar sense of cultural structure, as well as a valid religious experience. 

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Space and place in visages villages

An Eco-critical Perspective of Building Communities via the Face of the Other

by Samuel Moynihan

This essay employs the work of Lawrence Buell, Marc Augé,and Emmanuel Levinas to examine Agnes Varda’s Visages Villageswithin an eco-critical context. The text shows that Visages Villagesand its makers work to create communities by transforming the liminal spaces, from symptomatic to modernity , into places that are connected with the people who inhabit them. This connection is facilitated by street art that amounts to an encounter with the “face of the other” described by Levinas.