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A note from the editor

Editor’s Note

The theme for this year’s publication of Aperture is Truth.

Unharnessed by human subjectivity, Truth is things as they really are, not as they are perceived to be. We often arrive at Truth through experimenting with and challenging our own subjective lens. In this way religion, art, and academia become channels which lead to an intersection between our perceptions and Truth. Jon Wainwright says that, “Truth is the single currency of the sovereign mind, the knowing subject, and the best thinking—in philosophy, science, art—discriminates between the objective and subjective sides of the coin, and appreciates both the unity of reality and the diversity of experience.” The work presented in Aperture utilizes essays, screenplays, and new media to arrive at Truth. Each form functions as a method for finding it, whether by reason, supposal, or reinterpretation, and acknowledges the intricacies and nuances of Truth, which arise from its existing on both sides of that objective/subjective coin. The challenge in all of this—for the creator as well as the spectator—is to give ourselves over to Truth and allow our own perceptions to undergo renovation. In publishing this new edition, we hand the creative process over to you, our readers, so that you might experience your own intersections and expansion of understanding.