General Guidelines

Access to the MAL facilities is a privilege that is afforded by the generosity of the BYU TMA Department and private donations. Lab use is not a right and can be revoked in the event of rude or inappropriate behavior directed towards lab staff or other lab patrons. Rude and inappropriate behavior includes:

  1. Any direct violation of the BYU Honor Code.
  2. Any inappropriate actions or comments directed toward lab staff or other patrons. Such behavior is defined as anything that could be considered lewd, suggestive, malicious, aggressive, or with disregard for the rights and privileges of lab staff or other lab patrons.
  3. Any attempt to reconfigure, rewire or misuse lab resources. Any such behavior can result in immediate suspension of lab privileges and possible University action.

Basically, when using the facilities, just be courteous. Remember that you are not entitled to any of the equipment, so treat everyone and everything nicely.

BYU Policies

The University has policies concerning the specific use of their facilities for activities beyond their regular use. For information on the BYU policies pertaining to things such as scheduling a space or advertising go to