Area Employees:

Joao Cordeiro

Matt Grooms

Area Location: F-236 HFAC

The Pocket is a sound studio / recording booth primarily used for post-production sound on approved media projects. It is equipped with the latest version of Pro Tools, Izotope RX plugins, an Avid mixing board, and a large library of sound effects. It also has a soundproof recording booth for ADR sessions, voiceover, and other recordings.

Access to the Pocket is restricted to Advanced Sound Editors and specific classes working on approved projects.


To gain access to the Pocket you must complete the following:

  • Complete all the requirements to become an Advanced Sound Editor, of find someone who is an approved to use the space. (Email the Area Supervisor for suggestions)
  • Attend an Access Meeting to get cleared for access
  • Reserve time by contacting the Area Supervisor