Area Supervisor:
Nathan Tanner

Area Location:
F-235 HFAC
(801) 422-7300

The Cave is the Media Arts’ high-end editing environment. This state-of-the-art editing facility has 5 high-end edit stations, capable of working with multiple streams of uncompressed HD footage. In The Cave, we support transfers to and from HDCAM SR, HDCAM, Betacam SP, Digital Betacam, VHS, and Umatic, as well as real-time RED and MPEG4 conversions.

Software Available: Final Cut X, Adobe Master Collection CC, Avid MediaComposer, DaVinci Resolve, and more.

The Cave is a limited access facility restricted to Advanced Editors. The Cave is not a general editing room, and all projects using the Cave and its facilities must be cleared through the MA Access Meeting.


To gain access to The Cave you must request access at an Access Meeting.


The following are the procedures we ask you to follow when in the high-end editing lab (The Cave).

  1. The hours of the Cave are the same as the hours for HFAC (6am-11pm). It is possible to obtain a late pass from the TMA Office if deemed necessary by your project faculty advisor.
  2. Everyone who is granted access to the Cave will be trained on the equipment by the Lab Supervisor.
  3. You are responsible for any problems or incidents that happen while you are inside the lab. If anything does happen report it immediately to the Lab Supervisor and the Access Manager.
  4. All projects worked on in the Cave must be approved by the department. Working on unapproved projects will lead to the revocation of your lab privileges.
  5. Do not delete any files that are not yours, or access another student’s project files. If another project is open on the computer when you arrive please save and close it, then work on your own. In the same token, please close all your work when you are leaving the lab.
  6. Be responsible for your own things. Do not leave tapes, papers, CDs, DVDs, or drives lying around.
  7. If you are the last to leave the lab, please turn off the lights, including floor lamps.
  8. In regards to the door code; the code is for your use only. You will not allow anyone who has not been approved in the area. Nor will you give your code to any other person.
  9. No food or drink is allowed in the High-end Editing Lab.
  10. Each approved project is granted space on the Cavestore storage for backup purposes (Please backup your projects often and use multiple backup sources). After projects are completed, projects files will be archived via LTO Tape and deleted from the Cavestore storage. The project may purchase the LTO tape backups from the department at cost of the LTO tapes. Any LTO Tapes not purchased will be held for 1 year then erased.
  11. Area personnel are not responsible for project media left in unapproved storage areas an will not be held responsible for missing project media.