What is Access?

When people say “access” they are normally referring to the Access Meeting. In an Access meeting you can be approved to use equipment for class projects after you explain your need for the equipment and demonstrate your competence in using it.

When do I need Access?

Access is needed for practice exercises, Advanced Production Projects, and any equipment beyond approved lists for classes. Access meetings should be take place at least one week before the desired reservation time. So make sure you plan ahead

What do I need to do to get access?

Prepare. Depending on what you are requesting, take care of your preparing then fill out the paperwork, meet with your faculty advisor, request an access meeting, attend meeting.

Where are access meetings?

Typically they are held every Thursday at 12:40 pm in F515 HFAC. However, you need to request an appointment to come to Access through the Access Meeting Request Form.

Who needs to come to Access?

For practice exercises only the student requesting access needs to come to the meeting but for Advanced Productions the Producer and UPM need to attend. Any other key crew members such as Director or DP who you feel would be helpful in the meeting with answering questions should come as well.

Who is in the Access meeting?

The Access committee consists of faculty administrators and student employees who are Area Supervisors in the MAL. The people included generally are the Access & Facilities manager, Project Coordinator, FSSS Area Supervisor, and Sound Area Supervisor.

When should I plan on going to Access to request equipment or facility access?

At least 1 week before your desired reservation date. However, if you have special requests such as the MPS or grip trailer, the meeting should take place 2 weeks before your reservation so that arrangements can be made.

What is a practice exercise?

Student-initiated opportunities to learn a specific skill, they cannot have a script and should not be used with an end product in mind. A student mentor is required to create the exercise and teach the skills.

What happens if something breaks?

Fill out a damage report and tell the Access Manager as soon as possible. At a MAL meeting, the situation will be discussed and a fine may be assessed.

What is a mentor? When do I need one?

A mentor is a student who knows how to use a particular piece of equipment and would be able to teach a student in a practice exercise. A mentor is required when a student is using equipment they have not received training on.

How do I reserve and check out equipment from the FSSS?

Depending on what classes you are in, you will readily be allowed to check out equipment from the FSSS. If you do not already have access through your class, you will need to request it during an access meeting. 

How do I check equipment back into the MA Checkout?

Bring equipment back to the MA Check Out (C195 HFAC) at or before your scheduled return time.

How do I check equipment back into the FSSS?

Make an appointment with the FSSS Area Supervisor, come at that time and help to check the equipment back in. Do not just drop it off. Make sure the equipment is in good shape and clean. For more details about the check in procedures that you need to know, click here.

What is the grip trailer and how can i use it? Who can drive it?

The grip trailer is used to transport grip equipment to and from a set. It is housed at the FSSS. It can only be checked out through an access meeting. It needs to requested at least 2 weeks before the reservation. Only people who have taken the course given by Risk Management can drive it. For a list of approved people contact the Access Manager. For more information look under the Advanced Equipment Access Requests section on this page.

What is the MAL? What do they do?

MAL is short for Media Arts Lab. The MAL is a student intermediary between the students and the department. It exists for the purpose of helping students to achieve their highest potential while fulfilling the desires of the faculty. When you have questions or problems, you can talk to MAL employees and they will be able to help you solve the problem or direct you to the person you need to talk to. MAL employees generally are students in the Media Arts program that have specialized knowledge in the areas in which they work. For a list of current MAL Managers, click here.

What happens if I turn in some of my equipment late?

You will be charged a late fee, the amount depending on where you checked the equipment out from and how late it is. For specific amounts you will be charged, click here.

Who do I talk to if I need help in a MAL facility?

Contact a MAL manager. You can find their contact here.