Cutting-edge R&D start-up company looking to award creative BYU talent a full-tuition scholarship for one semester to create quick-witted videos for our trendsetting patent-pending innovations!

-Do you ever wonder how you’d escape what’s lurking in the dark
while you’re charging your electric vehicle alone?

Showcase how drivers stop, drop, and roll with the Pop-it Socket™ leaving the boogeyman behind!

-Have you ever cruised an electric scooter around campus, wishing you could tow your bulky schoolbooks behind you?

Play up this incredible quick-click solution and kick off our new Swhitch™  video!

-Do you like to show your patriotism by flying the stars and stripes?
Do you like parading the colors of your favorite sports team?

If you have team spirit—and I’m sure you do! Our Heavy-Duty Flagpole Adapter is the project for you!

-Have you ever been curious about what happens when you mash up big trucks and heavy equipment?

Highlight do-it-yourselfers and professionals with our rough-and-tough Truck Crane Mount!

Email Angela Brimhall at with your film project proposal for at least one of the four inventions above for your chance to win a full-tuition scholarship for one semester!

Full Proposal Deadline – November 15, 2021 *** Final Film Deadline – January 15, 2022

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