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Title: Scenes from the Glittering World

Guest: Panelist: Jared Jankins, Director and Writer, Roni Jo Draper, Producer

Moderated by: Scott Christopherson, Producer

Date: October 14th at 5:30 pm

Location: International Cinema Kimball Tower 250



Three Indigenous youth come of age on the fringes of the Navajo Nation. ‘Scenes from the Glittering World’ is a meditation on adolescence, trauma and the power of connecting with a homeland. Filmed at the most remote high school in the continental United States, at the farthest edge of the Navajo Nation, this film shares the stories of Indigenous youth as they grapple with ambitious dreams, their family responsibilities, and the isolated nature of their community — all while the school itself faces existential questions about its purpose and future.


Directed by: Jared Jakins

Written by: Jared Jakins

Produced by: Hunter Phillips, Roni Jo Draper, Scott Christopherson, Carly Jakins, and Kelyn Takeaki Ikegami

Runtime: 79 minutes

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