The Theatre and Media Arts Department will no longer provide media storage (SD Cards, CF Cards) for any equipment that is checked out by the Department. This includes all cameras, sound equipment, and other miscellaneous equipment (The only exception is the Blackmagic, Sony FS7, and RED EPIC cameras). With so many students using the MAL’s cards each semester, our cards became unreliable and started to fail on students resulting in loss footage. Since this media is inexpensive, we recommend that students purchase their own media that can be used for the duration of their time as Media Arts students. This will prevent failing and unstable cards. Again, there will be no cards included with equipment checked out in the MAL starting in the Fall 2012 semester.

The following guidelines should be followed when purchasing media:

SD Cards

A minimum storage capacity of 16 GB is recommended. These cards should be a minimum of a class 6, although a class 10 will ensure that you will never have a problem. This class number is a representation of the speed that the card can be written and read from. A class 10 can reach a maximum of 10 MB/sec write which is more than enough for any of the cameras we currently have in the Department. The class number is the number on the front of the card that is in a circle. You can usually find 32 GB class 10 SD cards online for $20-$30.

CF Cards

A minimum storage capacity of 16 GB is recommended. These cards should be a minimum of 400x or 60MB/s. Anything lower and you will likely experience choppy video or audio recording. You should be able to find a 32 GB 400x CF card online for around $50.

Hard Drives

An external hard drive is recommended for all students in the Media Arts program. We recommend a 1 TB drive that has both FireWire and USB connectors. It is also recommend that your drive be formatted in either HFS+ (Mac Formatted) or ExFAT. If you need help formatting your drive talk to your class TA.

Please refer to your class syllabus for the media that you will need.

This is by no means a comprehensive list.

16GB SD Cards

SanDisk 16GB Flash (Class 6)
SanDisk Extreme HD Video (Class 10)

16GB CF Cards

SanDisk 16GB 60MB/s Extreme Compact Flash Card
6GB Professional 400X