Studio E

The room is equipped with a ProTools 8 HD with an HD2 hardware setup and Digidesign Command-8 Control Surface.
To schedule use of this room, contact Kyle Stapley.

Access to Studio E is restricted to Advanced Sound Editors and Music students that have been approved and cleared through the MAL Access meeting.

Access Procedures

To receive access to Studio E you must:

  1. Qualify as either an Advanced Sound Editor or be a student in a qualifying Music Class.
  2. Fill out the Access Request Form (found in the TMA office)
  3. Attend your scheduled Access meeting
  4. Please note that requests must be made two weeks in advance
  5. If approved, fill out the Studio E Request Form to receive instruction for access


  • When entering the space please be mindful of all equipment and cabling.
  • The speakers should be off when you enter, so turn them on, just remember that you are required to turn them off when you leave.
  • There is a rack of equipment next to the desk, DO NOT TOUCH anything on this rack. It contains the hardware that ProTools uses for rendering and playback.
  • If anything goes wrong with the equipment and it requires immediate attention please call the Area Supervisor using the information on the Overview page. If the problem does not require immediate attention send an email using information from the same page.

LDS Motion Picture Studio

Entry to the LDS Motion Picture Studio is by invitation only and coordinated by the TMA Department. Some classes are held in the MPS, these students will be required to follow parking and security procedures listed below. All requests for access to the FSSS or other access request must be submitted to and approved through the Access process.

Following the procedures for the MPS is extremely important. Once you have access to the MPS for a project, communication is key. The MPS has requested that all projects be scheduled 2-3 weeks in advanced through an access meeting. Kyle Stapley ( is our liaison with the MPS.


With the exception of the loading and unloading of Advanced Checkout equipment, student parking is restricted to the parking lots west of the main studio building and north of the prop barn. Projects may park for loading and unloading no longer than 30 minutes in the two designated parking spots next to the door leading into the student building. The remainder of the spaces next the building are reserved for MPS Employees. Student employees and patrons are required to park in the lot located to the far west of the main building. Failure to follow prescribed LDS MPS parking policy will result in suspension of lab status. The LDS MPS maintains the right to change parking policy according to their needs.

Class Access

For students who require access to the MPS for class attendance, a list must be submitted to the Media Arts Assistant/Projects Coordinator during the first week of each semester by the course instructor, or the students will not gain access at the gate. Once the list has been submitted to MPS Security, the student attending class will only need to give the guard their name and they will be given a visitor pass to be worn the while at the MPS. When you leave, give your pass back to the security guard


All employees will be given a photo ID badge to be kept in the guard booth. When you arrive to the MPS you will be given the badge and when you leave, give it back to the guard.