Please follow these steps in applying for access to equipment:

  1. COMPLETELY fill out the proper document requesting equipment from the Media Arts Lab (Equipment Access Form or Practice Exercise Application.) This includes having your faculty advisor review and sign the application (if applicable). If you show up and it isn’t completed, you will be asked to come back to a future meeting when your paperwork is in order.
  2. Fill out and submit an Access Request Form online. (see the form at the end of this webpage)
  3. The Access Manager will email you a confirmation listing your access meeting date and time. (usually F-515 HFAC, 12:30pm)
  4. All students involved in the practice exercise application must attend the access meeting punctually, and BRING YOUR COMPLETED & SIGNED APPLICATION with you.
  5. At your appointment, you will explain why you need the equipment and show that you are able to competently use it.

Below is the form you’ll need to fill out in order to request an Access Meeting, where you can make formal request for equipment and MAL resources.