Want to capstonehelphelp out on a BYU student film? Our students are always looking for student volunteers to help. On this page, you can send the producer of one of out upcoming student films your interest in volunteering on their project. In some cases, you may even be able to get class credit while you work on set (current BYU students only). If you offer to help on a project, we request that you follow these guidelines:

  1. You must commit to attend all production meetings you are asked to attend
  2. You are expected to show up to the shoot at the times you agree to and staying until you are dismissed
  3. You must not miss any of your regular classes to work on the film
  4. You are expected to act professionally and respectfully with everyone on the project

Not following these guidelines will have an affect on your future opportunities with other Media Arts Projects. If you are wanting to get credit for working on a capstone, do the following:

  1. please fill out this form: TMA 372-215-388 project application
  2. Have the faculty producer/mentor over crew sign the paperwork (Tom Lefler)
  3. Return the paperwork to Kyle Stapley in the TMA office (D581 HFAC) before the add/drop deadline to receive an add code.

Here are the student projects currently in production:

Fiction Capstone Projects

Camp Steiner

Fiction Film
Currently in Pre-Production
Producer: Sam Matheson
Director: John Newton

Synopsis: A comedy-adventure story about three boy scouts. When Jose, Will, and Brian get hopelessly lost on their way into scout camp, they have to either learn to work together or perish in the unforgiving Uintahs. With Brian’s diabetes, Will’s follow-or-get-out-of-the-way attitude, and Jose’s disdain for both boys, a dwindling supply of Swedish Fish is hardly their biggest problem.

If interested in helping this capstone, please email producer Sam Matheson at samathn7@gmail.com, looking for all departments and all experience levels.

The Man in the Tree

Fiction Film
Currently in Pre-Production
Producer: James May
Director: Weber Griffiths

Synopsis:  A young boy named Will lives with his father on an estate near a forest.  Will’s mother has recently passed away, and his father is deep in grieving.  One day as Will wanders in the forest, an ominous creature embedded in a tree offers to bring his mother back from the “strange lands.”  In exchange, Will must retrieve an ax and cut the creature out of the tree.

If interested in helping this capstone, please email: jamesmay150@gmail.com

Paper Trails

Fiction Film
Currently in Production
Producers: Ellie Peatross, Avery Marshall
Director: Heather Moser

Synopsis: While trying to put her life back together after a bad breakup, Jamie begins receiving messages from an unknown source.

If interested in helping this capstone, please email Avery Marshall or Ellie Peatross, Don’t Producer’s Team: producersteam@byu.net

Man and Kin

Fiction Film
Currently in Production
Producer: Colby Barrios
Director: Max Johnson

Synopsis: Quiet, gruff Cody takes solace in his new job- the night guard of an eccentric hobbyist’s mannequin village. But he can only live in this fantasy for so long before reality catches up to him.

If interested in helping this capstone, please email the producer, Colby Barrios:   colby.barrios@yahoo.com


Fiction Film
Currently in Post-Production
Producer: John Newton
Director: Barrett Burgin

Synopsis: When Boyd dies and finds himself on the “other side”, he learns that his estranged son is about to make the worst decision of his life—and Boyd is the only one who can stop him. As Boyd does his best to reach his son, he learns what it really means to be a father.

If interested in helping this capstone, please email Jacob Watson (Assistant Producer) at jacobwatson19@gmail.com

Stickup Kid

Fiction Film
Currently in Post-Production
Producer: Rollins Wimber
Director: Daniel Tu


It’s 3 AM in the desert. Silas Portnoi, a 17-year-old kid, readies himself to rob a gas station on the California/Arizona border. He doesn’t need the money – he just robs people for the thrill of it. It’s an addiction. A self-destructive game. And he’s an expert player. Things go awry when the clerk hits the silent alarm. A cop arrives, Silas hides, but the jig is up – he’s caught and imprisoned. One year later, Silas tells all of this to his girlfriend for the first time. They’re working at a burger joint in the middle of nowhere – a place that gets robbed right as Silas promises he won’t return to his old life. He uses his past experience to outwit and outplay the robbers, but he can’t stop himself from falling back in love with the thrill. He saves the day, but it’s too late – he succumbs. He robs his girlfriend at gunpoint and drives into the desert, knowing it’s the wrong decision, knowing he’s dooming himself to a life on the run, but not able to choose a better way.


If interested in helping this capstone, please email the producer at:rollwimber@gmail.com

Non-Fiction (Documentary) Capstone Projects

Do You Miss Her?

Non-Fiction Film
Currently in Production
Producer: Nico Sanchez
Director: Hannah Hughes

Synopsis:  Cassidy Comb is a survivor of sexual assault. She was raped in October of 2017 by a man posing as a doctor in a craigslist ad. Her case will go to trial on January 7, 2019. Much like a slow natural disaster, since her rape Cassidy has felt her life falling apart and her mind losing control. The event was terrible and the aftermath she lives with is very painful, however, her life is her own and she is trying to find herself again. Our film will follow her daily life post assault and post-trial to see how she lives.

If interested in helping this capstone, please email the producer at: nsanchez18@gmail.com


Non-Fiction Film
Currently in Post-Production
Director: Alana Anderson
Producer: Ellie Peatross

Synopsis: This film is an exploration of modern times media consumption. Likes, posts, and follows are the new currency for fame. To understand this unique world, we are going to follow two social media celebrities, Brittany Gardner (Britt) and Brianna Jackson (Bri), as they strive to live within the lines of social media fiction and reality.

If interested in helping this capstone, please email enidlasue@gmail.com


Non-Fiction Film
Currently in Post-Production
 Co Director & Producer: Abi Hunsaker
Co Director & Producer: Hannah Hansen

Synopsis:  At only 11 years old, Tyler Easton discovered a tumor growing in his body. A case that’s 1 in 5 million, the Eastons were determined to find any solutions. Three surgeries and five years later, they are still looking for answers and have grown together in their struggles. With Tyler’s future in question, their Make a Wish trip to Africa could be a lasting memory of unity, love and hope.  

If interested in helping this capstone, please email the producer at abi.claire.nielson@gmail.com

New Media Capstone Projects

How Can I Help?

New Media Film
Currently in Production
 Producer: Cambree Snow
Director: Dallin Penrod

Synopsis:  A Claymation web series for parents and their children that addresses emotions that are associated with different mental illnesses. These short episodes provide instruction and emotional support that is depicted through the perspective of various animals.

If interested in helping this capstone, please email the producer at bree5snow@gmail.com


New Media Film
Currently in Production
Producer: Abi Hunsaker
Director: Sam Burton

Synopsis: An experimental, sci-fi narrative podcast set in the fictional rural town of Wendell where newcomer Gabriel discovers and attempts to prove that the whole town’s reality is being broadcast directly to their brains via the local radio tower.

If interested in helping this capstone, please email the producer: abi.claire.nielson@gmail.com

Other Projects

Six Week Logo

Six Week Cinema

Six Weeks Cinema is an experimental production opportunity for Media Arts students where six (6) projects are produced over a six-week period during the Spring/Summer Terms. It is student driven effort and connected to the Student Film Association to give it support and reach.

It’s purpose is to help beginning and intermediate film students gain filmmaking skills on small scoped projects.

Currently we are looking for all crew positions, especially Directors, Screenwriters, and Producers. If you are interested in participating this Spring/Summer, please email  sixweekcinema@gmail.com