Want to capstonehelphelp out on a BYU student film? Our students are always looking for student volunteers to help. On this page, you can send the producer of one of out upcoming student films your interest in volunteering on their project. In some cases, you may even be able to get class credit while you work on set (current BYU students only). If you offer to help on a project, we request that you follow these guidelines:

  1. You must commit to attend all production meetings you are asked to attend
  2. You are expected to show up to the shoot at the times you agree to and staying until you are dismissed
  3. You must not miss any of your regular classes to work on the film
  4. You are expected to act professionally and respectfully with everyone on the project

Not following these guidelines will have an affect on your future opportunities with other Media Arts Projects. If you are wanting to get credit for working on a capstone, do the following:

  1. please fill out this form: TMA 372-215-388 project application
  2. Have the faculty producer/mentor over crew sign the paperwork (Tom Lefler)
  3. Return the paperwork to Kyle Stapley in the TMA office (D581 HFAC) before the add/drop deadline to receive an add code.

Here are the student projects currently in production:

Fiction Capstone Projects


Fiction Film
Currently in Pre-Production
Producer: Emma Lynn
Director: Howie Burbidge


Synopsis: As winter approaches and food runs scarce, Jesse Lane must figure out how to feed his eight year old daughter Sophia in the harsh wilderness. 


If interested in helping this capstone, please email the producer at emma@tinypineapple.com

Passenger Seat

Fiction Film
Currently in Post-Production
Producer: Kyler Sommer
Director: Jeff Hein


Synopsis: When a young woman’s car breaks down she accepts a ride from a friendly passerby, but is he really a good Samaritan, or is she in danger?


If interested in helping this capstone, please email the producer at kylersommer@gmail.com


Fiction Film
Currently in Pre-Production
Producer: Cody Mondale
Director: William Knowles


Synopsis: A stubborn young woman must accept aid from a wise Indian nomad as she embarks on a journey to track her fleeing father through uncharted territory following a hand cart attack.


If interested in helping this capstone, please email the producer at: c_mondale@hotmail.com

To Have and To Hold

Fiction Film
Currently in Post-Production
Producer: Barrett Burgin
Director: Colton Elzey


Synopsis: When Lee discovers a decrepit trailer littered with photos of him and his wife Nicole, their struggling marriage is pitted against an obsessive stranger who anticipates their every action. 


If interested in helping this capstone, please email the producer at barrettburgin@gmail.com

Non-Fiction (Documentary) Capstone Projects

See Me...Heal Me

Non-Fiction Film
Currently in Pre-Production
Director: Peter Totten
Producer: Alex Aguila


Synopsis: Coming Soon…


If interested in helping this capstone, please email the producer at alexaguila19@gmail.com

Kaleidos Cope

Fiction Film
Currently in Pre-Production
Director: Erik Naumann


Synopsis: A young progressive metal audio engineer from Taiwan is trying to make his mark on the music industry in Salt Lake City, while also struggling with psychological dissonance in the form of mental illness, cultural identity conflict, and religious disillusionment.


If interested in helping this capstone, please email eriknaumann@outlook.com

Other Projects

Six Week Logo

Six Week Cinema

Six Weeks Cinema is an experimental production opportunity for Media Arts students where six (6) projects are produced over a six-week period during the Spring/Summer Terms. It is student driven effort and connected to the Student Film Association to give it support and reach.

It’s purpose is to help beginning and intermediate film students gain filmmaking skills on small scoped projects.

Currently we are looking for all crew positions, especially Directors, Screenwriters, and Producers. If you are interested in participating this Spring/Summer, please email  sixweekcinema@gmail.com