Want to capstonehelphelp out on a BYU student film? Our students are always looking for student volunteers to help. On this page, you can send the producer of one of out upcoming student films your interest in volunteering on their project. In some cases, you may even be able to get class credit while you work on set (current BYU students only). If you offer to help on a project, we request that you follow these guidelines:

  1. You must commit to attend all production meetings you are asked to attend
  2. You are expected to show up to the shoot at the times you agree to and staying until you are dismissed
  3. You must not miss any of your regular classes to work on the film
  4. You are expected to act professionally and respectfully with everyone on the project

Not following these guidelines will have an affect on your future opportunities with other Media Arts Projects. If you are wanting to get credit for working on a capstone, do the following:

  1. please fill out this form: TMA 372-215-388 project application
  2. Have the faculty producer/mentor over crew sign the paperwork (Tom Lefler)
  3. Return the paperwork to Kyle Stapley in the TMA office (D581 HFAC) before the add/drop deadline to receive an add code.

Here are the student projects currently in production:

Fiction Capstone Projects

A New Hope

Fiction Film
Currently in Production
Producer: Brittany Hanson
Director: Lorenzo Hubbert

Synopsis:  A New Hope is a comedy about a socially awkward Darth Vader impersonator named Lucas who comes to terms with his relationship with his father after a situation at a Star Wars-themed birthday party goes awry. 

If interested in helping this capstone, please email:


Camp Steiner

Fiction Film
Currently in Post-Production
Producer: Sam Matheson
Director: John Newton

Synopsis: A comedy-adventure story about three boy scouts. When Jose, Will, and Brian get hopelessly lost on their way into scout camp, they have to either learn to work together or perish in the unforgiving Uintahs. With Brian’s idiosyncrasies, Will’s follow-or-get-out-of-the-way attitude, and Jose’s disdain for both boys, a dwindling supply of Swedish Fish is hardly their biggest problem.

Camp Steiner is not currently looking for help.  For other questions, please reach out to the producer, Sam Matheson at samathn7@gmail.com.

Ring 10

Fiction Film
Currently in Production
Producer: Emily Bennett
Director: Christena Taylor

Synopsis:  After finding out they are last minute alternates for a bowling tournament, three friends rush to prepare for what they see as their chances of leaving their small town. However, as tensions rise between the three, they risk losing more than the trophy.

If interested in helping this capstone, please email: emily.anne1192@gmail.com

The Man in the Tree

Fiction Film
Currently in Post-Production
Producer: James May
Director: Weber Griffiths

Synopsis:  A young boy named Will lives with his father on an estate near a forest.  Will’s mother has recently passed away, and his father is deep in grieving.  One day as Will wanders in the forest, an ominous creature embedded in a tree offers to bring his mother back from the “strange lands.”  In exchange, Will must retrieve an ax and cut the creature out of the tree.

If interested in helping this capstone, please email: jamesmay150@gmail.com

Non-Fiction (Documentary) Capstone Projects

Girls Skate Too

Non-Fiction Film
Currently in Pre-Production
Producer: Sam Richins
Director: Sophia Deighton

Synopsis:  Girls Skate Too is about three female who all contribute to the growing skateboarding community here in Utah, each exhibiting a sense of fearlessness that has helped them in their skate journey and other aspects of their lives.

If interested in helping this project, please email: samrichins27@gmail.com

Emerging Media Projects

After Antares

Emerging Media Project
Currently in Pre-Production
Producer: Emma Spears
Director: John Newton
Writer/Showrunner: Nathan Young

Synopsis:  An interactive sci-fi thriller about a deep-space mining station being attacked by unidentified assailants. Players will explore footage taken from the station and work with an artificial intelligence as they try to save the crew members. Along the way, they’ll uncover the dark truth regarding who the attackers are and what they’re really after.

If interested in helping this project, please email:


Li'i and the Keeper of Whispers

Emerging Media Project
Currently in Production
Producer: Jenna Larsen
Director/Writer: Aaron Reupena

Synopsis: Li’i and the Demon Tree  is a click-to-progress horror storybook told through illustrations, soundscapes, and narration in which the viewer follow the journey of Li’i, a young girl in ancient Samoa trying to lift a malevolent curse that plagues her village.

If interested in helping this project, please email:


Other Projects

Six Week Logo

Six Week Cinema

Six Weeks Cinema is an experimental production opportunity for Media Arts students where six (6) projects are produced over a six-week period during the Spring/Summer Terms. It is student driven effort and connected to the Student Film Association to give it support and reach.

It’s purpose is to help beginning and intermediate film students gain filmmaking skills on small scoped projects.

Currently we are looking for all crew positions, especially Directors, Screenwriters, and Producers. If you are interested in participating this Spring/Summer, please email  sixweekcinema@gmail.com