The purpose of the Media Arts Lab (MAL) Access Meeting is to help student obtain equipment and resource access beyond the access granted to them in their classes. In addition to helping students obtain access, MAL is tasked to protect university resources by reviewing requests and making sure students are prepared to use the equipment/resources properly. In the access meeting you will explain your need for the equipment and demonstrate your competence in using it. The Access committee consists of faculty administrators and student employees who are Area Supervisors in the MAL. The people included generally are the Access & Facilities manager, Project Coordinator, FSSS Area Supervisor, and Sound Area Supervisor. These student managers are in attendance for training and coordinating purposes.


Access is needed for the following situations:
  • Practice exercises
  • Capstones
  • Any equipment beyond class approved lists

Access meetings must be take place at least one week before the desired reservation time (with the exception of the Grip Trailer or MPS services and facilities, these must be reserved at least 2-3 weeks in advance). So make sure you plan ahead. Sign up for an Access Meeting only after you have filled out all paperwork and had it signed by your faculty advisor.


NOTE: Please plan on attending access meeting no later than two weeks before project date. 
Before scheduling an Access meeting, fill out all paperwork and meet with your project or faculty advisor. In order to schedule an Access meeting, fill out the Access Meeting Request Form at least 48 hours before an Access meeting. Fall/Winter semester Access meetings take place every Thursday at 12:40 pm. You will be emailed (or otherwise contacted) by the Access Manager before the meeting to confirm your appointment.


Access meetings take place on Thursdays at 12:40 pm during Fall and Winter semester. **All students involved in the request must attend the access meeting punctually, and BRING YOUR COMPLETED and SIGNED APPLICATION with you. Please also bring two copies of these documents with you.

During the meeting you will be asked to explain why you need the equipment and are expected to demonstrate your competence and understanding with the equipment you are requesting. The Access committee will make sure that you are qualified to operate the equipment or if you are taking the proper steps to get qualified through the use of practice exercises, trainings, working on other projects, etc. Every Access meeting is unique depending on your experience and what you are requesting but following are some of the basic questions you will be most likely be asked:

  • What equipment are you requesting?
  • What are you planning on using it for?
  • Where will you use the equipment?
  • When do you need the equipment?
  • How have you been prepared to use the equipment?
  • In the case of practice exercises you will be asked, who is your mentor?


  • Have all of your paperwork completely filled out and ready to hand in
  • Be on time, be polite, remember that access is a privilege, not a right
  • Know your equipment list, make sure it is complete, understand the purpose of each piece requested
  • Ask questions if you do not understand anything
  • Have a couple of options of dates in case equipment is unavailable