First Letter of Student’s Last Name Faculty Advisor Office Email Office Hours
A-B Dean Duncan F-347 HFAC Mondays 3-5pm
C-E Jeff Parkin F-442 HFAC Mondays 11:30-12:30; Thursdays 12-1pm
F-G Brad Barber F-331 HFAC Thursdays 1-2:30pm
H-I Benjamin Thevenin F-351 HFAC Thursdays 1-3pm
J Scott Christopherson D-541A HFAC

Mondays and Wednesdays 1:30-3pm
K-M Darl Larsen F-340 HFAC By Appointment
N-R Tom Lefler F-534 HFAC Thursdays 9-11am
S Tom Russell F-348 HFAC Mondays 4-5pm
T-V Sharon Swenson F-540 HFAC Wednesdays 11-12pm; Thursdays 2-3pm
W-Z Amy Jensen A501 HFAC For Appointment email CFAC Dean’s Office: By Appointment