DreamWorks offers students and recent grads the opportunity to work alongside artists and storytellers in TV and Feature Animation. Interns take a deep dive into real productions, learn the 2D & CG pipeline and get a taste for what it is like to work in a creative environment. Internships are offered annually, three times a year in the Spring, Summer and Fall. Open to students and recent grads (recent grads should apply within the six month window post graduation). Internships are paid and are 12 weeks long in duration. All internships are located at our studio in Glendale, CA. Please see below to learn more about when to apply & what opportunities we offer.

    The ideal Intern will showcase the following qualities:

  • Curious & Hungry to Learn
  • Passionate About Animation
  • Doesn’t Take Themselves Too Seriously
  • Proactive & Resourceful in Finding the Answers
  • Comfortable with Feedback
  • Confident in Making Your Own Decisions, but also Not Afraid to Ask Questions or Seek Help
  • Self-Motivated:Because You Have to Want It
  • Positive Attitude
  • Does Good Work, and Is Good to Work With

To learn more, visit https://dreamworks.com/careers/early-careers

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