Here’s information regarding a possible collaborative project between our English MFA program and a TMA student.

A old football teammate of mine, Larry Carr, contacted me a few years ago to help him with the memoir he had written. He gave it to me just before he and his wife left on a mission to Boston. The draft needed quite a lot of work, and something told me it wasn’t really finished yet. Lots has happened since then.

I had lunch with Larry in June, and he asked me again to figure out a way to tell his story, and I’m thinking a film documentary combined with a book manuscript might be the way to go, so I’ve been wondering about putting together a student from our MFA in creative nonfiction and one from the TMA Department, to work with me on figuring out the project and producing a script and/or manuscript that tells Larry’s story.

For background, here are links to two articles about Larry Carr:

And a short video:

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