Media Research Participants Wanted (for a media master’s program research project) with Free Access to a Course on How to Make $20,000 with a Video Production Business

What we need are media students who are willing to do a 15 minute video call interview answering questions about their perspectives on online filmmaking training courses. Super laid back, easy-going interview. As a reward for your participation you will receive free access to a $300 training course on how to start and run a successful video production company with strategies on how to make over $100/hr and over $20,000 a month as a video producer or videographer. These courses were created by an industry veteran who has had a successful video production business for over 10 years.

Looking for participants to participate in the next 7 days. To participate or receive more information, please call or text Josh at: 319-471-1450 or email at:

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