Hello Film and Theatre Students at BYU,

I hope you are doing well during this unprecedented time!  I think everybody is thinking how they can help.  My brother and I are no different.  We have a brand that is built around happiness and self-improvement and want to use the platform to promote a positive message when so many people need it right now.

The plan is to create a video called “See the good, Be the good”.  We are looking for both somebody to film the the video as well as actors to be in it.  We were going to find family or friends, but thought we may as well come to the pros!  We thought there may be some theater students who would be willing to use their talents to help lift others during this time that can be discouraging this time.

As of now the date we have planned to film the video is April 10th, This Friday. The date can be adjusted however to accommodate the schedules of our cast. We do want to get it out as soon as possible though as projections look pretty dreary for the next couple weeks. We also want to emphasize that plans will be made in advance to to make the video in a socially responsible way as we seek to curb the Coronavirus. Your health and ours is top priority.

Attached to the video will be a link where viewers can purchase a shirt with a message linked to sharing happiness. All profits will be donated to a cause we can decide together focused on assisting the cause!

We want to thank you in advance for your willingness to help! There is good in the world and we are grateful that you would be willing to help spread it during this time. Stay safe, Stay Happy !

Please contact us with any further questions you may have.

Trevor Sharp 801-949-3431
Tanner Sharp 435-256-7202

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