I am seeking a young talented individual to help with video production and editing.

1911 Syndicate is a real estate company……and that sounds very boring.  Check out our social media pages and website to understand more about how we use video and content to reach our audience.

We do NOT make boring content.  We’re all about having fun and communicating that through video.  Therefore I need you to have a fresh innovative eye when it comes to content.  The role I need someone for is very fluid when it comes to the schedule.  There will be some nights, some Saturday’s, random hours, etc…  Our content is very fluid, and we are looking to add in some very cool new projects.

This is a paid opportunity.  Initially I need someone on a significant part time role, and if the relationship works well, I expect it to turn into full time work.  Please call/text/email to start the conversation.

Email info@1911syndicate.com or call/text 310-882-0757

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