The BYU Jazz Legacy “Dixieland” Band, along with the BYU Vintage Swing Dance club, is planning to do a music video where members of the club dance in a somewhat flash-mob, spontaneous way to music played by the band.  We’re hoping to record the video at the Wall in the wilk, or at another similar venue near BYU.  We want to create and depict the old time 1910s and 1920s vibe of going to a club to dance to the music of a live jazz band.  We’re planning to create a music video from the footage that we can post on youtube.  We are looking for film students interested in collaborating with us on this project.  We specifically need individuals who can film the performance and/or edit the footage into a workable short video.  We are planning to record the video in March on a yet to be determined day.  If you are interested in working with us please contact Dr. Kristen Bromley at  Thank you.

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