AMERICAN EXPRESS—yes, that American Express is holding a competition for a savvy filmmaker to create an in-house commercial that will be shown to over 60k employees!

Use this as an opportunity to shine!


YOUR MISSION: Produce, Direct, Edit a 2-D Graphic commercial (for internal purposes across the company).  The student could if they wish use live video instead of 2D motion graphics to bring something new that we did not expect. However my initial thought is to utilize the simplicity that usually comes using motion graphics.

LENGTH: 60-75 seconds.

RECOGNITION:  A potential three month part-time position with American Express* (virtual).


Email your serious inquiry to:

WHAT WE’RE LOOKING FOR: Great storytelling that will bring the script (to be provided) to life using a newly designed logo.  We want sharp, modern and memorable work.

CHOOSING A WINNER:  We will either have a webex, where each student will get the chance to briefly share their approach and video.  Alternatively we may come to the campus and hold a session in person.


For years we have done it this way:

Manually testing with little to no automation. Everyone doing things independently at different times, in different places… in a silo… resulting in increased timelines, project costs and tons of frustration felt by all stakeholders.

Now, imagine a world where your team could test a product in an always-on, end-to-end continuous testing eco-system. Product integration testing @ scale across the enterprise would unlock velocity by enabling in-sprint integrated testing, accelerating the delivery of value and limitless innovation.

Guess what?  It’s here. It’s real. It’s ready. It’s Arena!

A single end-to-end testing eco-system, with automated test data management capabilities enabling integration testing across our enterprise platforms.  Persistent, modeled after production.  One system. One place. All it needs is YOU!

Join us for One Integration! or Join the One Integration movement!

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*depends on quality of work and availability

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