Date Posted: 09/20/2018

Openings: 2

Start date: 09/21/2018

Shift: Flexible

Hourly Wage: 10.5


Description of Duties

A student UPM will support the full time Unit Production Manager in carrying out their responsibilities, which include:

• Manage BYUtv productions (primarily live sports, broadcast short-form, and rare episodics)
• Create Project Initiation Documents
• Budget productions
• Schedule studio or remote shoots (including studio or location)
• Hire/book in-house or freelance crew
• Schedule or rent equipment for shoot
• Create call sheets
• Coordinate transportation
• Schedule locations and secure permits

• Check in crew
• Assure meals or craft services for crew are provided
• Maintain the emotional temperature of the set (timely, positive, professional, etc.)
• Keep shoot on schedule (sometimes as Floor Director/1st AD)
• Trouble shoot issues that arise during shoot (additional equipment, location issues, etc.)

• Pay crew and any outstanding invoices
• Deliverables (budgets, call sheets, schedules, cast list, contracts, insurance, location agreements, cue sheets, licensing, scripts, talent releases, misc.)

Typical responsibilities of the Student UPM might include:
• Manage small BYUB productions that fit with the student’s school schedule
–  In this case duties are similar to those of the full time UPM on a much smaller scale
– UPM Student reports regularly to full time UPM to insure quality standards are met
• Complete paperwork and sending out call sheets in preparation for shoots
• Schedule shoots and vehicles with Production Scheduling and BYUB Receptionists
• Research travel and location details
• Drive crews to locations

  • Pickup/drop-off equipment before/after shoots
    • Order & deliver meals to production crews (in coordination w/ Production Scheduling dept.)
    • Make craft service lists
    • Process and file receipts in a timely manner (through Y-Expense)
    • Track and submit show deliverables
    • Show up on time, ready to perform needed tasks, however humble they may be

Skills and Qualifications

Project Management and logistics. Kind as well as direct, organized and resourceful. You are a rare someone who can see from a high bird’s eye view but who also possesses keen aptitude for detail. Communicate and manage varied expectations and realities in a diplomatic manner. Proficient in Excel, Word, Outlook. This position requires someone who loves to learn, serve, problem-solve and work diligently.
(Preferred: strong interest, demonstrated experience, and professional plans in film/television/media).

Application Instructions

Please send an email directly to: AND with your resume. (optional: cover letter; class schedule)

Must have regular and consistent attendance at scheduled shift.


REMINDER: Each new employee will need to complete a federal Form I-9. Original, unexpired, and non-laminated documents are required in order to complete this form. A list of acceptable documents can be found here:

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