The start-up National Museum of American Religion ( is looking for a film student to assist in helping write the script of a 4-6 minute history of religious freedom video.

Organizational information below:

The National Museum of American Religion explores the impact
of religion on America, and America on religion. Committed to
honesty and inclusivity, it tells stories of individuals, institutions,
and movements that have formed the distinctive religious history
of our nation. In doing so, NMAR invites people of all religions
and opinions and-even those without-to discover how the ideal
of religious freedom has shaped our social, political, economic
and cultural lives from the period before European conquest to
the present day.

NMAR will be the nationally recognized center for presenting,
interpreting, and educating the public about America’s revolutionary
and fragile experiment in religious freedom. Through its programs it
seeks to inspire civil dialogue and debates about this complex
and moving story, while also challenging assumptions about
religion and its impact on history and contemporary life.

The National Museum of American Religion invites all people to
be inspired by the Constitution’s bold commitment to the ideal
of religious freedom and moved to seek its preservation for
future generations.

If interested, please emailĀ

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