Date Posted: 05/21/2018

Openings: 3

Start date: 05/23/2018

Shift: Variable

Hourly Wage: 9


EVS operators work in the fast-paced world of live television productions. Operators are responsible for recording and playing back video elements during productions. These productions can be live sports or studio shoots as well as shoots recorded for later broadcast. Operators are also responsible for transferring and delivering media from the productions worked.

This is an on-call position and does not have a set work schedule. Hours for this position are dependent on the production schedule at BYU Broadcasting. This position might work 5 hours one week and 20 hours the following week. Possible productions will can be worked are live sports, devotionals, and studio shoots. These productions can be any day/night during the week, but THIS POSITION WILL WORK NIGHTS AND WEEKENDS with most hours typically being available to work on Thursday nights, Friday nights, and Saturdays.


Applicants need to have the following:
Ability to work and communicate with others in stressful environments.
Able to receive and quickly follow directions.
Ability to learn quickly.
Ability to listen to multiple people simultaneously and extract pertinent information.
Ability to lift 50lbs to shoulder level.

Recommended but not required:

Basic knowledge of Windows and Macintosh OS
Basic understanding of video and video editing
Basic knowledge and understanding of NCAA sports played at BYU (football, volleyball, basketball, soccer, gymnastics, baseball, and softball).


Please email your resume and class schedule to Glen Smith at (please note the single ā€˜nā€™ in the first name).

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