Hello, fine students.  Feel free to forward this to professors and any other interested parties. I am a regular man who has written a full-length film script.  It is not technically a “Mormon” film, although it is family-friendly, and would fare well inside the Mormon-populated states, as well as in the mainstream.  I am aware of this conventional wisdom (reality): that a normal, unknown fellow such as myself has no chance of bringing this film to fruition.  Yet if there is any place where people might be willing to give this a chance, and actually have faith in a project, BYU would be the place.  I realize that every writer believes in their own project.  But I really believe this is a unique project, and a film that can bless lives.  I am happy to send the script, electronically.

So basically, I am looking for people who are able and willing to produce this full-length feature film.  I do not necessarily need to be actively involved, although I would like to be to some degree;  I would like the film to stay true to the essence of the story.  I envisioned myself in one of the roles; and I hope that will be considered, if this film is accepted.  I have done screen acting.  Anyway, I live far from Utah now; so I realize I would most likely need to travel to Utah if the project is greenlighted, and if I’m blessed to work with you.  But if so, I’d be happy to do so.  Thank you.


LOGLINE: (subject to change)  An unknown, special lady from a distant place, propels a few best friends onto a journey to find her. Through their adventure, their friendship strengthens; and in the end, they find even more.

If interested: Contact David Jaster ideally by Phone (240) 242-7818,  but e-mail is okay too……(drjast@gmail.com)

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