(Tre-men-dum) – Feeling of awe associated with an overwhelming experience.

Film/TV production – Tremendum Pictures is an independent film production company in central CA, with multiple feature films and series based concepts in various stages of development or production. Our industry partners and relationships put us in a unique position to create content outside of “the system,” yet meeting and exceeding studio expectations for distribution.

In 2015 our film, “THE GALLOWS” became the least expensive movie ever to go straight to a worldwide theatrical release through Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema. We have since been empowered by Hollywood, including our partners at Blumhouse Productions, to continue our unique approach to filmmaking – creating low budget, studio quality content, and taking it to a big stage (or Screen :-).

Applicant needs to be willing to relocate.

• Coordinating with crew
• Running the production office
• Handling necessary paperwork for SAG, crew, locations, reports, etc.
• Booking accommodations and travel
• Coordinating with accountant and UPM
• Working alongside the 1st and 2nd AD’s to assist with production schedules, call sheets, lists, arranging logistics, and maintaining order/positivity on set

• Wrapping out productions
• Participation in team meetings
• Assisting in building a strong, organized production manual and well-documented structure for Tremendum procedures
• Inventory
• Organizing Start Paperwork
• Assisting with Clearances & Delivery
• Creative discussion and support

Salary to be negotiated.

Contact info@tremendum.com if interested.

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