Neonatal Rescue is looking for a team of students who are passionate about improving newborn health in the developing world and are looking for opportunities to make a difference. Students will be developing training materials about newborn resuscitation.

The project will be to create a series of training videos on newborn resuscitation and care to be used in Neonatal Rescue’s training sessions in hospitals and healthcare centers in developing countries around the world. The interns will work directly with Neonatal Rescue’s VP of Communications and Director of Product Implementation, as well as local neonatologists and respiratory therapists. Student(s) will film, edit, and compile a series of short educational videos on specific steps in newborn resuscitation such as post-birth care, recognizing signs of respiratory distress, and applying CPAP technology. These videos will be used in Neonatal Rescue’s CPAP training sessions in developing countries, put on YouTube for the device’s end users, and potentially integrated into the organization’s training app. 

Although video production will be the primary responsibility of the intern, the best candidate will also be able to assist in thoroughly researching the types of newborn resuscitation training materials already available through other organizations (Helping Babies Breathe, UNICEF, etc.) prior to creating the videos and propose suggestions and tips on how to make them the most effective.

In addition, there will be opportunity to help create an information packet about Neonatal Rescue’s newborn ventilator device targeted toward end users and assist the product implementation committee in developing the organization’s official training manual. These responsibilities will be available as time and skills permit.

For more information please visit and begin an application.
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