I was on the show for Season 8. To audition again I have to submit a 2-3 minute video about my story. Here is the video I made that previously that got me on the show.


Just because you have been on once does not mean you will get the call  to be on again. The key is a killer new video with an amazing story flowing through it.

I basically have up to 3 minutes (but the first 30 seconds is key) to show them why they want to call me over 1000 other applicants. That is the odds of getting a call 1 in a 1000. In this video, they want to see who I am, my passions, hobbies, family, struggles, hardships, employment. They want to see physical skills and how I train. They like to see different, creativity, uniqueness and personality.  All of this shown in under 3 minutes.

The submission deadline is Jan 2nd, so I essentially have 3 months to create this video. I have a bunch of raw go pro footage of adventures with my family that we can pull from. We will need to create a story board, do some additional footage and then a really good edit.

I am looking for 1 person or a small group of friends who want to help me make the coolest submission video ever! This will be great experience and a project you can use for one of your classes or resume. This is unpaid but will be a fun awesome project!

If interested call, text or email me.
Clayton Wolf

“American Ninja Wolf”

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