UNPAID. I need film crew, cast and equipment to produce a 1 minute ad/commercial for the Small Business Development Center in Orem, UT. There is already a script.

3-5 People (Sound, Director of Photography, Lighting, Location Scout [for someone’s home], Prop Master)

digital motion picture camera with tripod that can accommodate an SD card (I’ll provide the SD card[s]), 3 lights (principal, sidelight and backlight), boom mike (and accessories)

DAVID man 30s (any ethnicity) – lead role, casual dress
CRYSTAL woman 30s (any ethnicity) – lead role, casual dress
RANDALL man 30s-40s (any ethnicity), business dress
JOYCE woman 30-40s (any ethnicity), business dress
KATHLEEN woman 30s (any ethnicity), business casual dress


5-10 men and women 20s-50s (any ethnicities)

a weekend (Friday evening and Saturday afternoon and evening), exact date to be determined

I will take care of all post work.
I’ve included a copy of the script to give you a better idea of the overall production.

You can apply by emailing first and last name, email, phone number, position desired and for the cast members – headshots to bknudsen@uvu.edu.

Each cast and crew member will receive a free copy of the ad/commercial.


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