The Theatre and Media Arts Department is proud to invite you to the World Premiere of this year’s Fiction Capstone Films.

The screening will be held tonight, September 28 at 8pm at the Megaplex Theatres At Geneva
600 N Mill Rd, Vineyard, Utah 84058

The films to be screened are:

Hey Brooklyn
Written and Directed by Cameron Babcock
Produced by Garrett Helgesen

During fall break of 1994, eight year old, Brooklyn and her mom, Tina, are threatened with eviction from their humble home. With the help of her young friend, Austin, Brooklyn has three days to raise $700 to help her mom pay rent or they will be forced to leave their home behind.

Written and Directed by Lindsay W Kampenhout
Produced by Dhane Taylor

‘Maggie’ is a family drama about a woman named Linda, who has recently become the stepmother of an overly imaginative little girl named Maggie. Linda’s goal is to be accepted as Maggie’s mother, despite Maggie’s tendency to rebel and embarrass her by carrying around a strange homemade doll.

I Love My Robot Boyfriend!
Written and Directed by Sariah May
Produced by Elise Moulton

Summary: Plagued by the elusive and tantalizing idea of true love, Shelly, a teen queen science extraordinaire, sets out to create herself the perfect robot boyfriend. When she succeeds, however, she has to deal with the consequences of his so-called “perfection.”

Written and Directed by Marshal Davis
Produced by Colton Elzey

Summary: When Marcelo’s daughter Luz is taken off the heart transplant list, he turns to prayer at a shrine to Guadalupe seeking help. Miraculously Guadalupe steps off her painting and goes with Marcelo to Luz’s bedside to bless and comfort them both.

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