The Department of Theatre and Media Arts is excited to announce the release of an exciting project by Brad Barber and TMA students.
What is it that connects us to the state we call home in the United States?  How does place affect who we are and how we identify ourselves? In an increasingly fragmented nation, where belonging and heritage are either celebrated or suspect, States of America asks these questions through the lens of 50 short, lyrical documentaries. Each features one person in every state of the Union as they explore a sense of connection to their place in America’s famously emerging identity. While the films are portraits of distinct people and landscapes across the United States, ultimately a mosaic emerges of what Americans have in common during a divisive and divided time.   Created and Produced by Brad Barber.  Made with TMA students and recent grads.
First three episodes were released Wednesday August 30 on, with new states released once a month after that.
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