Want to be in Divine Comedy? Divine Comedy is expanding their video production team and are looking for talented students to fill key crew positions. We are looking for new upcoming Directors, Producers, Directors of Photography, Art Directors, Editors, and Sound Mixers. Admitted students will be eligible to receive upper division elective credit. Please apply no later than September 6th (but the earlier you apply the more likely you will get an interview as spots fill up fast! We will be starting interviews by the 31st and 1st of September.) Apply by sending the following information to :

· Short cover paragraph explaining why you are interested in joining Divine Comedy and what position(s) you are most interested in.

· Your reel or a link to something you have worked on (please tell us what you did on it).

· Your resume. (We want to know any experience you have with film production, writing, as well as any relevant classes you have taken).

· Short comedic sketch or screenplay (optional).

The media crew will collaborate with cast members of Divine Comedy to create 6 digital shorts a semester. The shorts will premiere in our shows and be posted to our YouTube page which has received over 3 million views in the last year. It is a fantastic opportunity to develop your portfolio and have your work seen. All applicants will be informed by September 10th whether or not they are accepted into the class. Please contact us at the above email address if you have any questions.

Below is a link to one of the digital sketches produced by the Video Team last year, as well as a link to our YouTube channel for more content.

Looking forward to seeing you apply!

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