Video Content Producer, Contracting Position

Social Gold Studios, formerly Farnsworth Digital Media, is a small studio that produces big content. We specialize in one minute food recipe videos targeting Facebook. Videos from Social Gold Studios have millions of views, with some videos reaching above 50 million views on Facebook by themselves. If you’ve seen food recipe videos on Facebook, you’ve probably seen our work.

We are looking for women that can cook and film these recipe videos as they make them. Applicants should be enthusiastic about video production. Video is art, so we are looking for people with an eye for what looks good on camera. Experience operating cameras and lighting equipment is a huge plus. Applicants should also have solid cooking experience and be able to make multiple recipes at one time. We pay by the video, so the better you cook and film, the more money you can make.

Our studio is located in Draper. Hours are flexible as long as you meet your deadlines.

Experience with videography
Experience cooking
Neutral hands free of modifications such as nail polish, jewelry, nail biting, and scars
Basic computer skills

Please email your resume to Shauna at

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