We are passionate at helping interns develop their skills through providing them with real-life professional experience working for a major network TV show. We only have 2 screenwriting internships remaining that we are looking to fill in the Utah Valley/Salt Lake City/Park City areas ASAP.

• No experience needed for consideration but could be helpful.
• This position will provide ‘hands-on’ experience for those students with
an interest in script writing as a career.
• Interns will be working on a major network TV game show scheduled
to air on September 18th, 2017.
• Interns will receive 2 to 4 hours of structured curriculum per week.
• This position will enable the intern to learn and work under the
direction and supervision of experienced script writing professionals
providing constructive feedback and help.
• Interns will help develop scripts derived from their own ideas.
• Interns may be asked to rewrite or make various versions of scripts
they are working on.
• Must have the ability to work and collaborate with others
• Must be willing to allocate between 8 to 20+ hours per week
• Internship will last approximately 2-months with an option to extend
• Work schedule will be flexible for interns according to their personal
• An excellent opportunity to build your resume
• Must be able to have fun
• Start Date: ASAP

For consideration of Screenwriter internship please email resume to rickywilkinson@hollywoodartinstitute.com. In the text of your email please explain in no more than 250 words why you are interested in internship and what you hope to get from this opportunity.  Selected candidates will be contacted for interviews.

For any questions please call Richard at 801-891-6014

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