Job Title: Afternoon Student Board Operator

Job Hours: Up to 20 hours/week

Job Purpose: Engineer and monitor programming that airs on BYU Radio Monday through Friday, 2:00 pm to 6 pm. Create, produce and air live and pre-recorded programming content for BYU Radio.


·       Tasks include acquiring and editing audio in live and pre-recorded studio situations, as well as engineering on-location remote broadcasts and recordings.

·       Work alone and as a team member in creating original content programming.

·       Write scripts and descriptions for use on the station website and podcasts.

·       Interface with guests, hosts and public in acquiring audio for broadcast.

·       Produce programs for broadcast.

·       Communicate clearly with talent to ensure quality production of show content.

·       Originate and coordinate social media updates of show content.

·       Act as Board Operator for live programming and sports events.

·       Assist in calendaring and promotion of programs.

·       Edit existing programs from outside media to prepare for air.

·       Engineer in-studio events.

·       Live-assist daily and weekly live radio shows, including regular on-air announcements.


Technical –

Applicant should have a voice suitable for broadcast; a developed sense of public presentation; excellent English language usage; and a keen eye and ear for detail.  Must have a congenial, interpersonal manner for regular contact with the public. Experience with audio production and strong writing skills are crucial to this position. Creative types thrive in this job.

Applicant must be able to master recording and editing audio in Adobe Audition; conduct and record in-field interviews; set up, engineer and break down field broadcast and recording equipment; record audio and voice tracks in the Wide Orbit radio automation system; engineer and mix on Axia control room board; coordinate workflows in SharePoint; announce live on-air.

Applicant must be able to coordinate school and work schedule to be able to fill a regular afternoon on-air shift.

Work Skills – Manage time and workflow in order to complete all tasks on time. Communicate with talent and hosts in a calm, clear, firm, mature manner, in order to create and maintain an atmosphere on air and off air that is conducive to the missions, goals and standards of Brigham Young University.
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