Tuhulu is a nonprofit focused on bringing the joy and life lessons of sports and service to the islands of the South Pacific. Founded by Tonga native, Filemone Angilau, to give back to his home country. He named his endeavor, Tuhulu, meaning light. The name serves as a reminder of our mission at Tuhulu. We hope to shine a light in a world that’s growing darker by serving in our communities. We hope to make the path brighter for prospective students and student-athletes who have dreams of earning scholarships and continuing their education. We hope to illuminate the world through Tuhulu by becoming and cultivating a united and dedicated group of citizens who share a common bond of learning and serving throughout the communities we serve.

Tuhulu is planning on their first major trip to establish a permanent presence on Tonga. Tuhulu currently is fielding a team of interns from the business school to help in the planning of this “Voyage”. I preparation, Tuhulu is looking for help with two media specific tasks.

The first is a 3-5 minute Kickstarter-like video that can be sent out to sponsors and potential partners, that sums up what Tuhulu is all about and their goals.

The second is over the summer during the planned Voyage. For any team that can help with the first video, Tuhulu will cover all the expenses for a video team to travel with the team to Tonga and document the proceedings and hopefully create a film.

If you are interested in participating in this project please contact us at: nanu.s.gill@gmail.com

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