My name is Kevin Franke, and I’m a faculty in the civil engineering department. I am also the co-creator of a popular YouTube family vlog called “8 Passengers”. My wife Ruby is the main creator and video editor for our channel (ie., the boss). Our channel is about 2 years old, but already has nearly 540,000 subscribers. We are currently growing our subscribers by about 40k to 100k per month, and anticipate hitting 1 million subscribers by the end of this year.

Between my faculty job, our YouTube channel, church callings, and our six young kids, life has become very busy. We are looking for a talented student video editor that could work for us to develop 1-2 videos for our channel each week. This could be a great opportunity for a student to get his/her work in front of millions of eyeballs, and create a reputation among an influential community of YouTubers.    

We are looking for students with the following minimum qualifications:    

    1) at least two years’ experience editing videos (“vlog” format preferred)

    2) proficiency with and access to Adobe Premiere

Expectations for the position are as follows:    

    1) our editor will be provided with raw video footage (between 25 minutes to 1 hour in total length. Usually about 30 minutes of footage is the average) 1-2 times per week. We would expect an 8-12 minute video (“vlog” style) produced and approved within 24 hours.

    2) each video should incorporate royalty-free music (….we will give the editor access to a subscription library) and creative editing and special effects as the editor feels appropriate

    3) we will provide the editor with suggestions and key points/elements that we would like emphasized or shown in the video, but the editor will be free to exercise his/her own creativity in editing

    4) each video must have a very catchy and well-edited first 15 seconds that acts like an introduction for the rest of the video. The goal would be to catch the viewer’s attention for the rest of the video.

    5) each video must follow a consistent beginning (i.e., intro) and ending (ie., outro) format to maintain our brand and promote viewer familiarity.

    6) every video must be approved by Ruby, and the editor must be available to respond to her requests for edits and revisions in a timely and efficient manner.

    7) the editor must be willing to agree to an anonymity clause in which he/she would not disclose to others that he/she is editing our videos (especially on social media). However, we would be happy to privately refer our editor to other influential YouTube creators in our network, and would be happy if the editor included this work on his/her resume to assist in his/her future career.

We will be happy to negotiate compensation with the eventual selected editor, and will provide occasional bonuses and/or raises for exceptional work.

We welcome any interested and qualified student to apply by sending me an email with his/her resume attached. We will probably ask top candidates to provide examples of 2-3 videos that they have edited, and we may ask the final 2-3 candidates to edit a video from footage that we provide to see which one we like best. We will provide some compensation for this effort, of course.

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